Exchange Students

Information for Incoming Exchange Students

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an exchange opportunity with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). The University values the many partnerships we have with overseas institutions and the mutual benefit drawn through student mobility as well as faculty and staff exchange.

This page serves as a starting point for future/prospective exchange students who are enrolled at a partner institution across the world and would like to study at UNC Charlotte for a short-term (one or two semesters) as a non-degree seeking exchange student.

Please note that a future/prospective exchange student has already been officially nominated by their home institution through a formal active exchange agreement.

UNC Charlotte partners with many international institutions to offer a semester or a year of exchange opportunities to students. Exchange students may spend one semester (Fall: August to December OR Spring: January to May) or one academic year (August to May) enrollment at UNC Charlotte

Each academic year UNC Charlotte receives 50 to 100 reciprocal exchange students from our partner institutions around the world. Exchange students are first selected and nominated to study at UNC Charlotte by their home universities. Once nominated, the student will receive instructions to complete the UNC Charlotte exchange application.

Exchange Application Deadlines:

  • Fall (August to December): March 1st
  • Spring (January to May): October 1st

Students whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement with UNC Charlotte are not eligible to apply as exchange students. To learn about the overseas institutions that have exchange partnerships with UNC Charlotte, please visit our website.

If your institution is NOT on this list:

Contact your home institution’s international office to determine your options.

You may be able to study at UNC Charlotte as an international degree seeking student through the International Undergraduate OR Graduate Admission Offices.