Admitted Exchange Students

Now that you have been accepted to UNC Charlotte, follow the instructions and timeline on the Pre-Arrival To Do List below for items you must complete before/as you arrive at UNC Charlotte for the new semester.

Pre-Arrival To Do List

Pre Arrival Checklist

What do I bring with me to UNC Charlotte?

As you prepare for your travel, packing is not an easy task, as luggage and other shipping costs add up quickly! Just think wisely and only buy the items that are needed. Here are items ISSO recommends you bring from home if you have space in your suitcase and your budget allows:

  • Passport, student visa, admission letter, I-20 or DS-2019 and/or required proof of financial support
  • Travel adaptor: find ones that work with your devices and with outlets that are compatible to the United States.
  • Pack a reasonable amount of clothing that will prepare you for Charlotte's moderate academic year weather (summers, however, can be hot and humid). Bring comfortable shorts, skirts, flip-flops and other summer wear. The winter is a little cold, so bring a warm jacket and water proof shoes, and full length trousers/jeans.
  • Bath towel: you’ll probably use this the very first day you arrive. Make sure to bring shoes for the shower.
  • USB drive (pen-drive): to be used when you work in a library or a computer center.
  • Bed linen is not provided, so bring a bed sheet (54X80 inches) or (150cmX200cm) and a pillow case (24X30 inches) or (60cmX75cm)

What can I purchase in Charlotte after I arrive?

During orientation you can take a free shuttle to a shopping center where you can purchase items for your room and personal use, such as:

  • Extension cords/multi plugs for electronics, and clothes hangers..
  • Disposable tableware: a cup, a bowl, a plate, a fork, a spoon, and a knife to use in your dormitory.
  • Bed Blanket (Full size bed blanket)
  • Books and academic resources such as a dictionary. Books are heavy and costly to transport. Please note that you may not know what texts are needed for your courses until you arrive.

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