Exchange Application

Application Process | Dates | Costs

The International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) administers incoming exchange programs. ISSO is the primary contact office for international exchange students visiting UNC Charlotte.

Application for International Exchange Admission

Step 1 – Nomination

To nominate a student, the UNC Charlotte partner university study abroad advisor emails the UNC Charlotte exchange student coordinator the following information:

  1. Student’s name and email address
  2. Field of study
  3. Level of Study (undergraduate, graduate (post-graduate), other)
  4. Number of semesters at UNC Charlotte
  5. Student type (tuition exchange, self-pay, etc.)

Step 2 – Online Application & Supporting Documents

Once nominated, your student will receive an email through our application software (ISSO Connect) asking them to complete our online exchange student application. The online application will require them to upload the following documents:

  1. Passport biographical page
  2. Transcript (in English)
    1. List of subjects in progress – If current subjects are not listed on the transcript, your student should attach a separate list of showing modules in progress (i.e. Word document)
    2. Proof of bachelor’s degree (if applying for master’s level courses)
  3. Documentation of English Proficiency (if from a non-English speaking country)
    1. Minimum level to be successful at UNC Charlotte – Our University indicates that the minimum criteria below is needed for students to successfully complete their academic objectives UNC Charlotte. The minimum requirement for undergraduate and graduate applicants are listed below.
      1. TOEFL IBT – 70 undergrad (14 in each sub score) / 83 grad
      2. TOEFL PBT – 523 undergrad (46 in each sub score) / —-
      3. IELTS – 6.0 undergrad (5.0 in each sub score) / 6.5 grad
      4. PTE Academic – 48 undergrad (35 in each sub score) / —
      5. DuoLingo – 105 undergrad / 115 grad
    2. Immigration not admission requirement – Confirmation of English proficiency is not a requirement for exchange student admission. However, we must document that students have sufficient English skills before we can issue J-1 visa documents.
    3. Flexible in the type of documents we can accept – Once the home university determines the student has sufficient English skills to succeed at UNC Charlotte, the home university should provide copies of the documentation (test scores, professional evaluations or our language proficiency evaluation form) as confirmation of English proficiency.
    4. Alternative for students not meeting the English requirement – Students not meeting the English requirement can be considered for conditional admission to our English Language Training Institute (ELTI), but may not register for classes until completing an ESL placement test at ELTI.
  4. Proof of financial support
    1. Amount (see estimated cost of attendance for details)
      1. Tuition exchange students, living expenses only – $11,000/semester
      2. Self-pay students, living expenses and tuition – $22,250/semester
    2. Document Requirements
      1. Bank account statement, bank letter, letter of academic loan, or government student aid in English, no older than 6 months
      2. If the funds are not in the student’s name, the financial sponsor should also include a simple signed letter stating that he/she will sponsor the student.

Step 3 – Electronic Acceptance Packet

Once student has been admitted to the UNC Charlotte Exchange program, the student will receive an electronic acceptance packet containing a Letter of Admission, DS-2019 (for visa application), and further instructions for preparing for their UNC Charlotte exchange experience. The student’s home university study abroad coordinator will be copied on the email.


SemesterTime PeriodApplication Deadline

Anticipated Move-In Date

Spring 2024January 9 – May 11, 2022Oct 2, 2023Jan 7, 2024
Fall 2024August 19 – December 12, 2024*Mar 1, 2024, preferred deadline
**April 1, 2024, application closes
Aug 13, 2024


The price can vary depending on what you choose and what is available. Visit our Cost of Attendance page to learn about the estimated costs. You will receive your bill after you register for classes, and will have until the first 10 days of the semester to pay it. Payment plans are available, and you can pay with Visa or MasterCard and electronically.