Cultural Ambassadors

This image shows the logo of the Cultural Ambassadors program, which consists of a drawing of three students seated at a panel. The students' heads have been replaced with stylized globes representing different parts of the world.

Share Your World!

The Cultural Ambassador program provides international students with an opportunity to educate UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff about their culture and experience as international students in the US.

Presentations and Panels

Typical presentations are in a panel discussion format and may take place in a classroom or at a staff meeting. A member of ISSO staff facilitates and panels may consist of 3 to 6 international students. Questions will be prepared and students will answer questions based on their own experiences and perspectives. At the end of presentation, members of the audience may ask additional questions. To prepare for the presentation, several days before the event, panelists may meet with the discussion facilitator and review the questions.


Faculty interested in having Cultural Ambassadors present in your class for Fall 2024 should complete the online Cultural Ambassador Program request form by August 7th, 2024. Panels for Fall can be held between September 3rd and November 20th, 2024. Faculty will receive confirmation of panel date(s) and time(s) shortly after August 7th, 2024. Faculty requesting multiple panels should submit a separate Google form for each panel requested.


Students interested in representing their culture on a panel should register by completing the online Be a Cultural Ambassador! form. For Fall 2024, this application will be available between August 14th and 21st, 2024.