I-20 Reprint Request for H1B Application

So…you think you need an updated I-20?

The ISSO does not print new I-20s based upon employment or address updates/changes for 12 month OPT alumni, and while we do produce new I-20s for STEM OPT students with employer updates, we already have a process for that, which should be followed. Additionally, we do not provide STEM OPT students with new I-20s solely for updates to the “pending” vs. “approved” notations. This policy is in place because there is no regulation or requirement that an I-20 show this information for an H1-B petition or for the I-9 process, provided that a given student’s information has been entered successfully into SEVIS and the student has either an expired or valid EAD card.

The ONLY exception we can make is for a written request from an immigration attorney who feels that the updated document would support a complex H-1B petition (although, we repeat, this is not technically required). In this case, you must submit the electronic form (click button below) and attach a scanned copy of the e-mail or letter you have received from your attorney requesting a re-print of your I-20.

The processing time for this request is 5 business days (not including shipping).

Click here to submit your I-20 Reprint for H1-B Request