Recruit and Hire International Employees

Recruit and Hire International Employees

Planning ahead is the key to making the process as smooth as possible. Please contact the ISSO anytime you are considering hiring a foreign national.


Recruitment for permanent and tenure track teaching positions may result in selection of a foreign national requiring visa sponsorship. In order to ensure a successful competitive search, please review the Hiring Guidance for Teaching Positions on job recruitment language that will meet the University’s EEO review and current requirements of the Office of Foreign Labor Certification of the U.S. Department of Labor, via the Special Handling PERM for University and College Teachers.

Also read Where to Find Under-Represented Minority Faculty Candidates For Your Search.

Employment of International Employees

If your department has identified a candidate or extended an offer to a foreign national requiring University visa sponsorship, the department chair or hiring authority contact ISSO at ISSO staff will determine the appropriate visa category for each case and guide the process.

Human Resources facilitates the I-9 Employment Process for Foreign Nationals.

ISSO can assist you with:

  • Wording of the Position Announcement as appropriate
  • Determining the appropriate visa category to pursue
  • Preparing the required government documents and filing the University’s petitions
  • Knowing employer obligations for specific visa categories
  • Understanding the visa application processing times
  • Monitoring renewals, extensions, and changes of status

To initiate a UNC Charlotte request for a J-1 Exchange Visitor or an H-1B employee, you must be a department administrator or faculty member with an account in the ISSO Scholar Portal.