Resources for Faculty & Advisors of International Students

Cultural Adjustment

Faculty and academic advisors interact on a regular basis with international students at UNC Charlotte and may at times be faced with variations of learning styles and sets of expectations based upon non-U.S. educational systems outside the U.S.

In addition to adapting to a new way of learning, many international students also feel anxiety due to additional responsibilities such as abiding by immigration regulations, meeting very high financial obligations, living up to family expectations in their home countries, and learning to be successful in a new culture.

The ISSO offers a workshop, ‘Supporting International Student Success‘ which covers some of these topics, and invites anyone who is interested in learning more to attend. The ISSO is also available for consultation to speak with your department or office regarding any questions or concerns.

Maintenance of Status Overview

See our Maintenance of Academic and Immigration Status Page for more on international student rights/responsibilities.

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