Transfer In

Are you currently at a different school in the U.S., but wish to finish your degree at UNC Charlotte, or start a program here? Then you should be aware that any international student who wishes to transfer to another educational institution in the U.S. must be “released” from the school that they are leaving within the 60 days following the end of the last semester attended, and complete the transfer process with the new school within the first 15 days of the start of the following semester.

Transfers work in two directions: students who are coming to UNC Charlotte (transfer ins) and students who are leaving UNC Charlotte (transfer outs). Below you will find information on transferring in (joining UNC Charlotte).

The processing time for a transfer in request is 10 business days from the date that all materials have been received.

This page covers the steps needed to transfer in (e.g. joining UNC Charlotte). Are you a current student who wishes to transfer your SEVIS record out (leaving UNC Charlotte)? Click here instead.


If you are currently on an F-1 or J-1 visa at an institution in the U.S. and wish to transfer your SEVIS record to UNC Charlotte, in order to receive your UNC Charlotte I-20, you will need to complete all three steps in the drop down menus below:

Step 1: Submit an FCF

All international students joining UNC Charlotte, including transfer in students, will need to complete and submit a Financial Certification Form, or FCF. You can learn more about this process here. You will receive a link to the FCF at your email address within 4-5 business days of accepting your offer of admission to UNC Charlotte.

Step 2: Submit a Transfer In Request Form

In order to issue your transfer in, UNC Charlotte I-20, the ISSO needs information from you. We collect this information in our Transfer In application, found in the ISSOconnect system. Transfer in international students will need to complete the application found by clicking the button below:


This online application can only be completed after you have set up your NinerNet credentials and DUO authentication. If for some reason you are unable to complete these set up steps, you will not be able to login to ISSO Connect with your NinerNet Credentials. Instead, you will need to create an external account using your email address as your username (see screenshot below). The Transfer In application can be accessed both ways.

The application will require you to upload a copy of your old I-20, answer some questions, enter some contact information for a DSO at your old university’s international office, and confirm the date your SEVIS record will be sent to UNC Charlotte. Your previous DSO does not need to actively complete any form for this step, but you may need to ask them to confirm any information you are not sure of (e.g. if you aren’t sure if your SEVIS record is in ‘”Active” status or not, their email and contact info…).

Step 3: Request a Release of Your SEVIS Record from Prior School

As the final step in the process, you will need to ask and have your old school release your SEVIS record to UNC Charlotte. You will need to arrange the release with your old university’s Designated School Official/ International Office. Often, the DSO who signed your old university I-20 is the person you need to contact.

Be sure to communicate the correct transfer code to your old university’s DSO:

  • ATL214F10291000 for all F-1 undergraduates & most graduate programs, except those listed below

  • ATL214F10291001 for Master of Urban Design, Master of Math Finance, Master of Business Administration, Master of Economics, Master of Accountancy, and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate

  • P-1-04774 (for J-1 Students)

“I’ve Completed All Three Steps–Now What?”

Once you’ve completed all three steps listed above, the ISSO will review your Transfer In documents and issue your new UNC Charlotte I-20 within 10 business days of your Transfer In Release Date (this date is specified by your previous school’s Designated School Official). You will receive an email notifying you when the electronic, signed I-20 is available for you to download in ISSOconnect. UNC Charlotte cannot produce an I-20 for you before the Transfer In Release Date–it is not possible.