Driving in the US / Transportation

Driver’s License

If you expect to drive a car while in Charlotte, it is required that you obtain a North Carolina Driver’s License.

Documents Needed to Obtain a Driver’s License

To obtain a drivers license in North Carolina, you must present the following personal identification documents at the DMV when you apply. Each document must show the exact same spelling of your name.

Preparing for the Driver’s Tests (Written and Driving Test)

If You Encounter Problems…

If you have shown all of the above documents and you are refused a drivers license, please let us know the name of the officer you spoke with and the location of the office. Compliance to these new regulations is important and should be consistent among all offices.

North Carolina Identification Card

Is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to individuals who:

  • Do not have a driver’s license
  • Want an ID for cashing checks and other off-campus identification

You must present the following documents having the exact same spelling of your name:

  • Passport
  • Valid I-20 or DS-2019
  • Official University transcript

To find the Driver’s License examining locations near you,visit the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles page and use your postal code to find the nearest location to you.



  1. Car insurance is required by North Carolina law.
  2. Registration of car and transfer of car title – All vehicles must be registered and display an up-to-date license plate. Written proof of ownership is required to obtain the license plate. To register your car, the following must be presented to the Car Registration Office: title to car, registration card, and proof of insurance. Students transferring from another state must register their car within 30 days of arrival.

Car Registration Offices are located at:

  • 6016 Brookshire Blvd. 704‑399‑8306
  • 6058 Independence Blvd. 704‑535‑2525
  • 4612 Hwy 49, Harrisburg 704‑455‑9517

UNC Charlotte Bus Service

There is regular service 7 days a week to and from Charlotte. Bus service to other locations in Charlotte can be accessed with the use of your bus pass. Bus schedules are available in the International Student Office. For more information, go to: Charlotte Area Transport System (CATS).