Invite a Guest Lecturer

Generally the individual will need a B-1 (business) or B1/B2 (business/visitor) visa. Citizens of certain countries are eligible to apply electronically for the Visa Waiver program commonly called ESTA.

For more information regarding the B-1 Visa and Visa Waiver program visit the US Department of State Visa Waiver Program.

What do I need to do?

How do I pay a visitor?

The United States government permits academic institutions to provide honoraria and stipends to foreign nationals who enter the U.S. in B-1 (short-term business) status. However, there are several restrictions within the law. Federal law requires that:

  • the visitor is present in the U.S. in B-1 visa status
  • the academic activities at UNC Charlotte must not exceed nine days
  • the visitor has not accepted similar payments from more than five other U.S. institutions during the six-month period immediately preceding his/her visit to UNC Charlotte.

To set up the payment process, go to the UNC Charlotte Tax Office web page to see current contacts and download forms.

How do I get library access for my visitor?

Anyone can come into the building and use materials in the building without checking them out. The library has a set of computers for guest access where they don’t need a NinerNET login. If they want to check out books then they can participate in the “Friends of Atkins Library” program.

How do I get a UNC Charlotte ID for my visitor?

Contact Human Resources (Note: Visitors in B-1 status are not eligible for UNC Charlotte ID numbers or cards).