J-1 Scholar Program Requirements and Instructions for Host

Department Responsibilities

Departments are expected to provide workspace, library and computer access, an ID card, and cross-cultural interaction between the J-1 Scholar and the department’s faculty and staff. ISSO relies on departments to refer any concerns about immigration, orientation to the campus & community, insurance, or other matters to ISSO. Departments are also required to:

1) Notify ISSO if the J¬1 Scholar will not arrive within 30 days of the begin date;

2) Remind the J-1 Scholar to make an appointment with ISSO upon arrival at UNC Charlotte; and

3) Notify ISSO when the J-1 Scholar completes his/her program at UNC Charlotte.

Academic Credentials

The department must ensure that the J-1 Scholar has the appropriate academic credentials to perform the proposed activity.

English Proficiency

Departments must determine that the scholar has English Proficiency sufficient to perform the academic activity and function on a day-to-day-basis. English proficiency for J-1 Scholars from countries where English is not the official language must be evaluated by the Department prior to submitting the J-1 Scholar Request Form. Departments must submit scores from a recognized English Language test, certification from an academic institution or English Language school, or evidence of an in-person or teleconference interview.

Lead Time

Please allow at least 90 days from the initial request to ISSO before the intended start date of the program. This allows time for the Certificate of Eligibility, Form DS-2019, to be issued and forwarded to the prospective scholar who must then apply for an entry visa at a US consulate.


This form is used for J-1 Scholars who are classified as a) Research Scholars; b) Professors; c) Short-term Scholars d) Specialists or e) Student Interns. The J-1 program is for temporary visits to the US for the purpose of teaching, instructing or lecturing, observing, conducting research, consulting, or demonstrating special skills.

Maximum Length of Stay

  • Research Scholar or Professor 5 years
  • Short-term Scholar 6 months
  • Specialist 1 year
  • Student Intern 1 year

12 Month Bar

Anyone who has been in the US in any J category for more than six months is barred from reentering the US as a J-1 Research Scholar or Professor for 12 months following the completion of his/her program or stay. This regulation does not apply to Short-term Scholars.

24 Month Bar

Anyone who has been in the US as a J-1 Research Scholar or Professor for any length of time and whose SEVIS record is no longer active is barred from reentering the US as a J-1 Research Scholar or Professor for 24 months following the completion of his/her program or stay.

Minimum Required Financial Support

Sufficient financial support is required for a J-1 Scholar. J-2 dependents who accompany the J-1require additional funding. The minimum amounts required are:

J-1 Scholar $1,700 per month = $20,400 per year

J-2 Spouse $ 700 per month = $8,400 per year

J-2 Child $ 400 per month = $4,800 per year per child

Evidence of Financial Support

If the J-1 Scholar’s support is from a source other than UNC Charlotte, evidence of funding must be included with this request. If supported by personal funds, a bank statement in US$ must be provided. If supported by government or international funds, an official statement translated into English with funds converted to US$ must be provided.

Begin a New Program

To “begin a new J-1 program” usually means the J-1 Scholar will come from his/her home country of citizenship or residence directly to the US.


To “transfer to UNC Charlotte” means the J-1 Scholar is already in the US at another institution and is invited to transfer to a program at UNC Charlotte within the same J-1 category and field. Copies of all Forms DS-2019 issued by the other institution(s) must be attached to this form.

Please submit a “transfer” request with a lead time of six weeks to provide time for DU to obtain an official release from the current institution.

Insurance Requirement

Health and accident insurance coverage is mandatory for all J-1 Scholars and their J-2 dependents while they are in the U.S.